By Brother Phillip Lloyd – Bolans Congregation

Help us to help each other Lord
Each other’s cross to bear
Let each his friendly aid afford
And feel his brother’s care

The work of the Methodist Church in Bolans began in 1818 when the missionaries came. The chapel was built in 1834. The society was named after John Bolan who was an estate owner. Mrs. Byam donated the land on which the chapel is built. The chapel was used as a school until it was closed in 1920. In 1937 the school was reopened under Wesleyan management until it was subsequently handed over to the government in 1944.

The history of our congregation is really about people who have (and continue to) worship here; people who have shaped our church and community and whose influence is still felt years after their death. Some of the prominent people who have emerged out of this congregation include Dr. David Farquhar, Sir James B. Carlisle, Hon. Hilston Baptist, and Dr. Alister Francis, Sis. Jean Saunders. The society has produced one candidate for ministry in the person of Rev. Floretta Sheila Williams-Maitland.

Over the past few years the church has rewarded persons for their outstanding contribution to the church. A few of the recipients are: Sisters Mabel Farquhar, Bernadine Parker, Bernadette Simon, Jean Saunders, Verona Willock and Brother Artwell Gage.

We are proud of our community involvement. During the years the church made a significant contribution to the educational development of the community. The building also serves as a hurricane shelter. The care fund program offers assistance to the needy. The youth in the community participated in children’s choir, church school and youth group.

Presently, we are a congregation of approximately one hundred and twenty active members, twenty males and one hundred females. Our present pastor is the Reverend Andrine Jennifer Joseph. She is ably assisted by Congregational Stewards: Phillip Lloyd, Joy-Ann Williams, Carolyn Tonge and Jo-Ann Joseph; Care Fund Steward: Cheryl Gage; Property Stewards: Artwell Gage, Bernadine Parker, Dexter Solomon.

The Standing Committees are led by Sherwin Parker (Mission and Evangelism); Phillip Lloyd with secretary Carolyn Tonge (Organization and Education); Phillip Lloyd with secretary Joy-Ann Williams (Resources and Development). Bernadine Parker is secretary of the Pastoral Council.

We acknowledge the contributions of our faithful band of Class Leaders and our sole extant Local Preacher Sherwin Parker. The Superintendent of Church School is Phillip Lloyd, Carolyn Tonge is Cradle Roll Secretary and our organist is Jean Saunders.

We welcome new people and have often heard visitors say, “What a warm and friendly congregation this is.” The Bolans Methodist Church is about people worshiping and serving God in our community and our world.

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