Day Seventeen – Lenten Devotional


Welcome to Day seventeen as we bless our day and our life by spending a minimum of 5 minutes on each segment or step below:

  • Meditation: [5 minutes of quiet reflection]
  • Visualization: See what your day will be. With conviction, declare how you want your day to unfold and your intentions toward God, his creation and other people who you will be privileged to meet today. And who will be fortunate to encounter you.
  • Gratitude: Thankful for the good happenings in your life. Appreciate where you are NOW from where you WERE then.
  • Inspirational Reading: Read an article about a person or a situation that will inspire you today.

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Please Note: Now you can request the lenten devotional via email. Simply by
– sending a message to the church office at or
– calling at 462-9793/4


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