Hakeem’s Immaturity Inside The ‘Empire’ Connections Can Be Traced Returning To One Origin — Lucious

With all of the crisis that continues in the wonderful world of


, we tend to disregard
Hakeem. The youngest child of Lucious Lyon
is simply not drama-free, but their turmoil felt minimal with regards to that of their dad murdering everyone he does not like along with his sister-in-law getting pressed down a trip of stairways to eliminate her unborn son or daughter. But, Hakeem, specifically recently, is originating into the forefront of dumb decisions on


. Hakeem suggested to his sweetheart
of, like, 2 months and chose to baby-proof their apartment upon discovering the news that their ex-girlfriend (who is additionally his dad’s ex-fiancée) had been pregnant. Remember the thing I mentioned about drama?

Let us start off with his suggestion.
Hakeem had gotten with Laura when he discovered her singing
at a club and then he placed her in his woman team. Hakeem is incapable of perhaps not asleep with anyone who he’s working together with, therefore Laura rapidly turned into their woman. There had been multiple bumps when you look at the path, but Hakeem suggested to Laura after he came across her family members and recognized that they’re regular, wonderful folks — also referred to as the actual opposite of this Lyon satisfaction. The sole trouble with this? Hakeem is not ready to be engaged. His primary example of a relationship is actually his parents, who had been separated for 17 decades whenever Cookie was a student in jail and they’re impaired on their absolute best time. Whenever Hakeem and Laura had a fight, he spent your day obtaining drunk together with his team plus some strippers in the place of, you are sure that, doing their relationship. The guy thought it had been more than, and Laura calmly told him that they happened to be involved plus they were supposed to explore their own problems. Yes, she had been angry whenever she discovered he’d an infant on the way with an other woman, but when tend to be strippers the answer, Hakeem? When?

These are another lady, Anika is actually a whole opposite side of Hakeem’s immaturity. He was hesitant to “man up” for his youngster in the beginning, but Hakeem moved complete Lucious and chose this particular infant would definitely be


infant which he was probably going to be indeed there because of it regardless. To show their newfound obligation, Hakeem has baby-proofed their apartment — even Jacuzzi. The solid-gold accessories have become wrapped in synthetic rubberized duckies. Hakeem features purchased the infant plenty, but will the guy end up being truth be told there for it and Anika whenever the time arrives? I’m not sure. Expenditures cannot a father generate.

Therefore, in which can Hakeem’s behavior be tracked returning to? Cookie and Lucious, obviously.
Cookie and Lucious have actually a crazy relationship
, and that I can not determine whether they are best off aside or together. It really is virtually a lot of fuel getting all of them with each other. Anyway, Cookie and Lucious tend to be harmful — she visited jail for 17 many years for him, and she’ll never ever leave him live it down, and then he does not want to give thanks to their and/or pay the woman her due your company she aided him make. You will also discover lots of murders under both their unique devices. Cookie was actually hardly around, very Hakeem makes use of a mixture of Cookie and Lucious’ union and Lucious’ relationships with the random females he was bedding as his example of what love is actually. He’s no clue what a supportive, loving read more about couples looking for here he’s not witnessed one.

When considering parenting, well, Hakeem is getting Lucious’ lead thereon one, as well. Though he says which he will not be like his dad, Lucious also threw cash at his young ones (which is why Hakeem is a spoiled brat) in place of raising them. The guy allow Vernon (RIP) accomplish that rather. Lucious never appreciated their kids, and that I fear that Hakeem won’t figure out how to do this, often.

Thus, what are the results to Hakeem today? Really, ideally, the women inside the existence will teach him just how to work right. Laura originates from a family and a rather typical family, so if he can put near to this lady, possibly the curse associated with Lyon household love is broken.

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