Launch of Circuit Social Media and Website


To: All Congregations

From: Rev. A. Carlwin Greenaway

Superintendent Minister

Date: December 20, 2013

Subject: Launch of Circuit Social Media and Website

c.c. Circuit Ministers and Circuit Stewards


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our soon coming King!

It has been a long time coming but we are now fully ready to launch the Circuit’s website and various social media, namely, Facebook,  Twitter and Google+. This is intended to ensure that we are using various means to reach you where you are now and where you are mostly.

A notice went out to the congregations at the start of December, to advise that the newsletter was not going to be out for the quarter due to the lack of submissions for it by congregations, groups, individuals, etc. Instead, an information document was sent out to advice of upcoming activities. This has been an ongoing problem and it seems pointless to continue.

I convened a meeting of those responsible for the newsletter and information technology on Saturday 14th December concerning what now is and the way forward.

We decided on a few things:

1) We would no longer be publishing the newsletter as we know or knew it.

2) As of now, information will be sent through the Preachers’ Plan, weekly bulletins, website, twitter, google + and facebook. We do encourage those who are using the electronic means to download and copy any information other than notices which may not be in the bulletins and give to their relatives who might not be able to use the electronics.

Please note that the office would be the official channel through which information would be passed on for publication. Congregations, committees and organizations are encouraged to submit relevant information on their upcoming activities and to report on them after they are finished.

We would, of course, encourage your feedback so that we can continue to improve on our communications to you and the many other persons desirous of being kept informed.

The committee also expressed concern about the number of groups with social media pages and accounts. I have to say that I agree, not only as a member of the committee but also as Superintendent Minister. I am taking the committee’s advice and ask that all such pages and accounts which are up in the name of the church be taken down and that we use these newly established Circuit mediums. This is to ensure that all information which goes out receive proper approval.

Finally, we are ensuring that the website is linked with the District and Connexional websites. The site will also have a link to the various social media. It would also have a daily devotion and scripture readings.

Do enjoy and may God help us in our endeavours as I DECLARE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEBSITE LAUNCHED TO THE GLORY OF GOD!


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